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CakeWeddings are a far more involved and time consuming event for a DJ than other shows.  I can't just show up for a wedding and expect it to go fine.  I need to become a part of the planning to make sure the wedding couple has their day go just as THEY planned.  Obviously, because there is much more time involved, the fee is a bit more than other shows.

Here is why I charge more for weddings.  After you book your wedding I mark my calendar.  I then contact you about 5 weeks before your day.  We make arrangements to get together so you can give me all the details of just how you want your day to go.  I get the list of your wedding party names because there is almost always a difficult name and I will need to practice it before that day.  I also get an itinerary of what is going to happen that day so that I can be prepared.  We'll also take the time to select what you want for your first dance song and what, if anything, you want to dance with your parents.  I'll also need the names and addresses of your caterer, photographer, videographer and hall planner, if any.

I then reduce all of these notes to nice forms and send you copies.  You can change anything you want at any time, but if they meet your approval I have my guidelines to provide you with the wedding of your dreams.  About a week ahead of time I send out copies to all of the other professionals involved to see if there is any conflict in what they thought you wanted.  I believe that working behind the scenes with all the other professionals we can produce a product that will make you happy with all of us.

If you have any questions about your upcoming wedding please feel free to give me a call or drop me an e-mail.




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