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My Music Library

CDsWhen I first started out in the business I had a small quantity of CDs.  Over the years the collection grew and grew until I had more CDs than I could carry.  I had to pick the most popular songs off of some of the CDs and write to them to one CD so that I could still bring all my important music to each show.  After all, you never know what a given crowd will want to dance to.

In 2006 I converted to completely computerized.  Now all of my music files are neatly packed on a computer hard drive.  (Not to worry, I carry two computers just in case!)  I'm afraid that I no longer have CDs that people can look through.

But, if you or your guests come up and ask for a request it's easy for me to search the computer and get the request on at the first appropriate moment.  Obviously if I am at the beginning of a fast set I can't put a slow song on next.  But I will play it as soon as I change the tempo.

I have a moderate collection of Big Band sound and beyond oldie artists like Bing Crosby and Perry Como.  I have a good collection of the rock of the 50's.  There is an outstanding collection of 60's music, because that's where I got my start, doing oldies.  I have an ample selection of 70's music, a good selection of 80's tunes and just about every charted hit from the early 90's right up to the present.  I also stock a large collection of the new country, if you have the right crowd that will dance to it.

As of April, 2012 I completed a project years in the works. I now have EVERY TOP 10 HIT from 1955 through todays music. I don't know of any other DJ in the area that can say that.

Each week I follow 9 Billboard charts and stay up with all of the current music. I don't, however, carry RAP or Heavy Metal. Although I am geared to almost any crowd I don't carry the music the high school and college kids want.


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